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Gurkha Red Witch and 7 Deadly Zins

Cigar: East Indian Trading Company/Gurkha Red Witch
Binder: Dominican
Wrapper: Ecuardorian
Filler: Nicaraguan
Medium to Full bodied full of flavor and rich spices

Drink: 7 Deadly Zins
Winery: Michael David Winery
Location: California
Blend: Zinfandel and Petite Sirah grapes from seven different vineyards

Tonight I paired a Red Witch and a glass of 7 Deadly Zins. The medium bodied cigar which is full of flavorful spices paired well with the bold yet creamy flavor of the wine. The Zin is a very aromatic wine with hints of fruit but not too sweet or overbearing. This mixture of spice and subtle sweetness was a wonderful nightcap to the porterhouse served earlier.

From the first pull of the cigar which was very well constructed and full of rich white creamy smoke, to the final sip of the wine which maintained it's full smooth bodied flavor throughout the glass, I can say that this is definitely a pairing I will continue to do over and over again.

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