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OTL Sits Down with Charles H. Chapman II of Kafie Cigars
by Donnie Moreland

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Charles H. Chapman II, the National Brand Ambassador of Kafie Cigars and gain some insight to both the man and the brand.

OTL: How did you get involved in the cigar business?

Charles: The way I got involved in the business was it just happened and it was the perfect marriage and it was something I always had a desire to do.

OTL: Tell us about the brand(s) your rep and what sets them apart from the industry?

Charles: Kafie Cigars, Puro Indios and Cuba Aliados what makes them different or sets them apart from other brands is the time we take to make sure our cigars are perfect and we donít stray away from those time honored traditions that were created in Cuba Long ago from the founder of our brands Rolando Reyes Sr.

OTL: How long have you been with them and why did you select that brand over the others to rep for?

Charles: Ive been with the company since March and what really what made me want to be apart of the company the importance of history and family and not straying away from that.

OTL: Where can we find Kafie Cigars?

Charles: Right now International house of stogies and Cigars and Cufflinks in the Houston area and more to come and countless Brick and Mortars around the country and around the world.

OTL: How long have you smoked cigars?

Charles: Ive smoked cigars since I was eighteen and thirty now.

OTL: What is your favorite type of cigar and why?

Charles: I like Churchill's and the reason I like to set back with a glass of scotch and listen to music and just relax and take my time.

OTL: How do you rate the Houston cigar scene versus other areas?

Charles: The Houston cigar scene is getting better we still have some ways to go compared to some other cities but were definitely on the rise.

OTL: What tips or advice do you have for new smokers?

Charles: 9. My advice for new smokers is do your research on what you want to smoke and try as many cigars as you to find out what your palette likes.

OTL: What's in your humidor now?

Charles: 10. Kafie Cigars, Cuba Aliados, Puro Indios the Nat Sherman Timeless Collection and some Vintage Cigars from Rolando Reyes Sr Jericho Hill and Arturo Fuente Hemingway

OTL: Are there any new or boutique cigars that you recommend?

Charles: Besides our own the house blend from Cigar Envi and the house blend from Cigar Inn in New York

OTL: How do you feel about cigar ratings and does the rating influence your choices in what you smoke?

Charles: I pay attention to the ratings but then I go try the cigars for myself and make my own conclusion.

OTL: What is your favorite drink and cigar pairing and why?

Charles: I have three just depending on my mood I either go with McAllen Scotch or a Red or White port wine and Kafie Cigar Don Fernando Maduro 6x60.

OTL: Are there any must have products that you recommend?

Charles: Our whole cabinet of cigars were the oldest factory in Honduras with a time honored tradition we have you covered from your everyday cigar to the cigar you want to pull out only for special occasions.

OTL: What is next for you in the cigar world?

Charles: Whats next is continuing to introduce the cigar world to Kafie Cigars and Reintroduce the world to the brands of Cuba Aliados and Puro Indios.

OTL: If you could only smoke one cigar what would it be?

Charles: Cuba Aliados Cabinet Reserve Churchill.

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