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Las Calaveras by Crowned Heads

Size: 6 x 52
Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $9USD
Limited Edition
Stanard Sizes:
LC550 – 5” x 50
LC652 – 6” x 52
LC754 – 7” x 54

It felt good. Smoking this Crowned Heads tribute blend felt good. Ask John Huber at Crowned Heads Cigars to describe better what it being a tribute Cigar means. Life only provides a very few cigars that truly feel good to smoke, you know? Some cigars just taste good and others feel good, as in the wrapper. Now, this one actually has a wrapper that is well-selected and well-wrapped such that it feels really good. As far as being a feel-good Cigar, this one's got the rest topped, just a little bit.

This cigar is a tribute to a man in the cigar business who has been lost to us. He is being remembered and honored through this blend of cigars - so for an aware smoker, there's more to it than just taste and look. This Cigar makes sure, merely by virtue of your smoking it, that you will be given entrance into the third gate of paradise. There, just right there… That last statement… Kidding. But sometimes paradise is just paradise and a cigar is just a cigar. Tightly rolled, with a crisp feel to the wrapper, the cigar had nice balance and construction that was never so tight so the draw suffered. There was a pleasant pre-smoke taste with some citrus - grapefruit to be exact, some leather and a bit of spice. Pepper to be more precise. The Peper is a recessive flavor in this pre-light stage.

Upon lighting it, the first draw tasted somewhat of cinnamon a bit of not calling to be exact. The smoke is moderate with white curls and a dash of personality, a slight fullness - not voluminous or overwhelming by any measure. The complexity of any cigar can be judged by how well you can define the tastes that advance and those that retreat as the Cigar Burns. This cigar never failed to impress and delight.

In the first Segue, a slight pepper fades into a very delicate cocoa, not sweet. Like hot cocoa without any sugar added. There's also a faint yet complementary nuance of berries… and the Smoke produced diminished just a bit for me during the stage. Moving into the last third of the cigar a hint of grapefruit appears and introduces itself, but only modestly. It's not an ebullient grapefruit taste but the complexity of this cigar had me feeling just so. Ebullient. I found the Las Cabalaras A complex and rather fine smoke, overall.

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