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Tatuaje Red Verocu Tubo
By Ben Dykes

Size: Torpedo (6 1/8 x 52)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium-full

Well, today started out early and very peaceful. I grabbed the leashes and got the dogs ready. Then fished into the higher end of my cigar collection (the area I don’t share). I dug around some Opus Sharks, Pre-embargo Cuban’s, Bolivar’s and spotted what I been wanting to smoke for a few years now. In the bottom, was 10 Tatuaje Red Verocu Tubo’s. These are about as rare as rocking horse shit now, and Tatuaje collectors prize these beauties. I smoked one a few years back and really saw then how good they were, but 3 years later this should be joyful.

Everything about this screams, enjoyable. Aged, pure Nicaraguan, medium to full flavor, and a size that will slow you down. The packaging is simple, yet mysterious. The red tube says to me, contained flavor. The wrapper is a little toothy and has a little bit of a rugged look to it. The aroma is like walking into a distillery that grinds their own coffee.

The pre-light draw has a bit of a cocoa and wine flavor too it. The draw is easy and effortless. The smoke begins………..

15 mins – the ash is a crispy gray, the flavor is reminiscent of walking through a Christmas tree farm with a bourbon, the burn is even and sharp

30 mins- even while walking 2 dogs the ash hangs on strong, the flavor has moved from cedar to spice and the flavor has moved up a notch from medium to full

45 mins- back from the dogwalk, coffee refilled and down to the last third of this work of art, the flavor has mellowed or I have gotten used to “Cigartopia”, my word for perfection

60 mins- nubs the word, this is a finger heater I don’t want this cigar to end, I would say this is the way to start every morning especially a birthday (40)

Overall, I am giving the Tatuaje Red Verocu a very humble 10 Smoke Rings. I am not sure these can be improved. I will tell you when I smoke another in about 4 hours.

You can find more Unbiased Reviews by Ben Dykes at www.benscigars.com and also follow him on twitter @benpcb.

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